Lawyers Fighting for
Frack Free Communities

HELP PROTECT OUR COMMUNITIES from irresponsible fracking

We can do better than fracking. The lawyers at CEDC are winning the fight for the right of communities to ban fracking and against fossil fuel industry profit mongering and its wake of pollution, dirty secrets, and fractured communities.

But our work is only made possible by the heartfelt support of individual donors.

We cannot have a thriving economy with a depleted countryside, foul air, contaminated water and a chaotic climate.

CEDC supports local ownership of disributed renewable energy sources with visible and accountable decision-making to build resilence and self-sufficiency in an increasingly unstable energy environment.

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Land Use  Land Use

CEDC helps communities ban fracking and take back local control over land use decisions. CEDC works for a safe and healthy environment for families.

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Water  Water

Fracking destroys water, removing it forever from the hydrologic cycle. Fracking soaks our farm lands with toxic chemicals and damages drinking water supplies.

Energy  Energy

Fracking and fossil fuels are choking off renewable energy solutions and trashing the planet. Toxic lands, sick people and a chaotic climate are not good for the economy.

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Let's Ban Fracking Now

Bans and Moratoria in New York State

Bans, moratoria and movements against hydraulic fracturing for shale-gas in New York State