Lawyers Fighting for
Frack Free Communities

HELP PROTECT OUR COMMUNITIES from irresponsible fracking

We can do better than dirty inefficient fracking. The lawyers at CEDC are winning the fight for the right of communities to ban fracking and ending fossil fuel industry profit mongering and its wake of pollution, dirty secrets, and fractured communities.

It is time to stop believing the lies of the fossil fuel industry. Allowing the industry to demicate and frack our countryside will only leave a legacy of foul air, contaminated water, destroyed farmlands that cannot possibly support vibrant, healthy, thriving communities, not for us - let alone our children.

If we want to get truly serious about energy security, resilience and self sufficiency in an increasingly chaotic environment, and if we mean it when we say we want to create decent jobs, then we have no alternative but to decisevly move away from 19th century fuel sources and wholeheartedly pursue development of locally owned and disributed renewable energy sources with tranparent and accountable decision-making.

The lawyers at CEDC are winning this fight, but our work is only made possible by the heartfelt support of  donors and committed people willing to fight for the security of their homes and the health of their children and grandchildren.


Land Use  Home Rule

CEDC helps communities to ban high-impact heavy industrial land uses like fracking and to take back local control over significant decisions that affect their social and physical landscapes. We stake a claim for our backyards because if we don't, we know who will - those who seek to foul them while trying to extract every last drop from the very bottom of the fossil fuel barrel. And if we don't protest, they won't stop until we are left with a barren wasteland.

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Water  Economy

The profits of the oil & gas industry depend upon its ability to shift many of the costs of oil & gas extraction, transportion, and burning to our communities. Industry says it cannot afford to comply with the environmental & safety laws that apply to all other industries. If operating in a safe and responsible manner that doesn't hurt people is impossible for them, that only highlights our need to move to renewable energy sources that don't make profits by making the rest of us sick or by destroying value in our homes.

Energy  Energy

We are surrounded by energy - the sun, the winds, the tides - to argue that we need to trash the planet to keep the lights on is just wrong. Fracking and fossil fuels are choking off renewable energy solutions. The future of solar energy and other renewables is dependent upon political will, not technology.  Regulations cannot change the laws of physics and nature. Fracking is inherently unsafe and the harms of this industry cannot be mitigated by regulations.

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Let's Ban Fracking Now

Bans and Moratoria in New York State

Bans, moratoria and movements against hydraulic fracturing for shale-gas in New York State