New York's Story

New Yorkers have won a string of significant and historic victories in the fight to protect their communities and the climate from the devastating impacts of fracking.

From 2010 to 2015, over 200 municipalities took action to protect their residents from fracking despite ongoing threats from industry to "bankrupt" the towns with lawsuits seeking to strike down the laws. In June of 2014, New York State's highest court sided with the towns and ruled that municipal governments had the right to prohibiting fracking as an undesirable and unwanted land use.

In December of 2014, after seven years of study the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, along with the Department of Health, announced that fracking would be prohibited in the entire state because of the uncertainty surrounding the compatibility of fracking with human health and safety.

This "ban" was made official in June of 2015 when the DEC concluded it's seven year environmental review of fracking with the finding that there are "no feasible or prudent alternatives" to reduce the risks of fracking to an acceptable level.

Most recently, industry allowed the deadline to challenge the DEC's decision to pass without filing a lawsuit challenging the "ban."